Nash is a passionate composer and loves nothing more than finding the right ‘voice’, whether working on a film score, musical, commercial or song. He has the unique experience of being a world class performer, award winning singer/song writer and composer, whilst also arranging and producing for clients from all genres of music.

With his own fully equipped recording studio and a little black book with numbers for a plethora of equally passionate musicians, singers, lyricists, librettists and voice-over artists of all genres, Nash is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for your musical needs. Above all, he has great ears and will really listen to what you want to achieve and as a creative free spirit, will implement your brief with his inimitable enthusiasm, good humour and focus.

  • MUSIC SUPERVISORS! - Our extensive library has backing tracks available ranging from meditative Tibetan Bowls & Didgeridoos to heart-wrenching Cello Solos, Medieval strings, World Music and Rhythms to cutting edge Hip Hop, R&B and Smokey Jazz and Blues and everything in between.
  • ADVERTISING AGENCIES! - Original soundtracks created for your radio and TV commercials.
  • A&R! - Original fresh material for your artists, one-to-one mentoring, fresh ideas for arrangements and production, backing musicians and vocalists available.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES/TRAINING DEPARTMENTS! - Make that conference film or training programme memorable with a bespoke piece of music or a new twist on an original piece.
  • FILM DIRECTORS! - Give him a break! A film score is the next creative challenge top of the Nash wish list.
  • AUDIO BOOK PRODUCERS! - Enhance your stories with musical interludes.
  • DJ's! - Contact us for details of our vinyl collection.


 I Feel You - All Saints

Patricia Nash

The Rive Gauche Rag

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