Born To Shine


Imagine a sleepy UK town south of London, where nothing exciting ever happened.

Then, on a typical, drizzly early spring morning within a rather ordinary looking cottage on an average looking road, something extraordinary did happen.

A young woman was murdered.

Her exsanguinated body lay in a red puddle on the edge of a grey driveway. It had 32 stab wounds. As police, neighbours and accident onlookers gathered, arguing over what should be done, Julie Chimes realised something rather odd.

She was not actually dead.

She was in fact watching the entire event from a vibrant parallel universe somewhere over the rainbow - and she was not alone.

Imagine meeting a being who has the answer to every question you have ever asked - and those you haven’t.

Imagine taking a cosmic ride with him into the heart of the universe beyond the confines of time and space, meeting yourself as you were centuries ago and the you of the future, the person you could become, whilst receiving loving guidance for the you of the moment.

Imagine having revelations so profound, that being stabbed not only makes perfect sense but also becomes one of the funniest things that has ever happened to you, that is, until you are told you have to go back...


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