Top Designer Knows How to Keep Rising

Meet Patricia Nash, a designer with a passion for creating beautiful leather bags & accessories. Using old school craftsmanship, having a meticulous eye for detail and an adherence to traditional techniques like hand-dying, hand-cutting & sewing, her stunning designs are finished with hand-burned edges and hand-embossed logos. The resulting creations…

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NASH – Chancer Review – Amazon Customer

NASH are currently touring the UK, catch therm if you can, before they become enourmous..... This debut album 'the chancer' is a varied list of great tunes. Including their debut single '100 million ways' and it's follow up 'just a little sign'. Both songs demonstrating the varied nature of NASH's music and the enourmous tallent which they posses.

The lead singer (Russell Nash) has an excellent 'Jamiraquai' quality to his voice but with more bass and greater ability to hold a tune, this coupled with the scratching of the 'the Force' and the beatiful cello under melody, makes all of Nash's music fantastic to listen must buy this now.

Chancer Review – Amazon Customer

I bought this album, funnily by 'chance'! After hearing the trailer for the Channel 4 comedy programme 'Scrubs', I had to find out who this band were. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Right from the first play, to countless beyond, each track has instant impact. Like any classic album, this has no fillers.

First track 'Black box' is typical of this, displaying frontman Nash's vocal talents alongside DJ da4orce's rhythmic beats. Likewise, every track follows with similar passionate urgency. For me, this is one of the best examples of British songwriting, a smooth but eclectic mix of different styles that many American counterparts shy away from. In short, The Chancer is an album impossible to pigeon-hole, that resonates pure quality. Highly recommended.

Chancer Review by Bradley Pee

This album is genius. It's a real grower, which I always think is the sign of a truly great album. On first listen, I couldn't quite work out what I felt about it. It didn't have an instantly catchy pop vibe and it was like listening to eight different genres. Then I played it again. And again. Soon it all clicked into place. Now I can't turn it off.

This is an original, soulful, beautiful, exciting album, and one which I am now completely obsessed with. Come back Russell Nash. The world needs you.