Artist Development

Mentoring both young and mature talent has been a significant part of the last decade in Nash’s musical career. Having been a child actor, he understands more than most the complex needs and sensitivities of budding artists and has a natural empathy and ability to help them advance their unique gifts.  

Nash will always have time for new voices, song writers and instrumentalists, who have made music their passion and as a result, have something original to say and play.

In the weird and wonderful world of artists sometimes talent is latent, placed on the back-burner of life as more mundane needs dominate, or oftimes prodigious ability gets exploited, flaring brightly too soon causing burn-out, cynicism and creative blocks, or the corporate demands overwhelm and result in underwhelming reviews & performance.

Nash has a wonderful way of taking performers back to their roots, their authenticity, to refresh their technique, rekindle inspiration and polish performance.

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Sina Theil 

To anyone who is thinking about mentoring with Russell Nash I say: "Just do it!" and sooner rather than later.  Having one to one coaching with Russell has taught me a lot - more than I ever hoped.  I have become more confident, my technique has improved, I have changed my eating habits, ... the lessons were fun, exciting and interesting.  

Somehow, Russell always managed to pick out the songs I thought I could never sing - and showed me that I can.  I have also recorded at their studio, which was both fun and very productive.  Russell would simply not stop until everything was the way I was "hearing in my head".  He always knew which buttons to touch and knobs to turn in order to bring my ideas to life.  I have now moved to Ireland to study at BIMM Dublin and "get out there", which Russell has always encouraged me to do.  

Of course I will come back for sessions every time I am in Almuñecar.  Russell, lots of luck and success - you so deserve it!

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